Thursday, 14 April 2016

Impossible - Why the Meaning of This World Should Change for you, Forever

Growing up we learn a lot of useful things from our environment and people in our lives. We make sure to look before stepping into traffic and not to eat the yellow snow. These kinds of lessons which are in-line with our purposes for being here.  To achieve our dreams we need to survive until an age where that is relevant for us to do so.

There are however, many lessons that can be considered damaging to us as we grow. When we tell ourselves and our children that something is impossible we are contributing to the slowing of humanity's progress in every field imaginable; technology, medical research, the arts, sports, spiritual growth, economics, resolution of the planets' environmental problems and evolution of the human race itself, just to name a few.  

'You can't have something for nothing.'
'You can't fly.'
'Aliens don't exist.'
'It's impossible!'

These kinds of statements slowly train our children to doubt their own inner sense of infinite possibility and they become slowly drawn away from their true natures they came into the world with, exactly the same way we were.

Children naturally know that life is filled with the possibility for absolutely anything to happen and they live their lives this way.  The know that monsters and heroes can and do exist. They know that they are capable of doing or being or having anything they want in their lives and therefore spend much of their time practicing an underrated activity, one that many adults have lost touch with, imagining.  They imagine themselves as rockstars, artists, pilots, doctors, parents.  They know there are many ways to achieve the specific goals in this lifetime.  They tell us they're going to be a soccer player despite physical handicaps or that they want to own a racecar even though dad is in debt. 

And then we tell them, with sad eyes and all the compassion and condescension we can muster that it's impossible. We teach our children these lessons, innocently enough, to save them from some sort of invisible disappointment down the line.  We think that if we can prevent them from striving for what we think is impossible they will be spared from some grand heartache down the line.

The children, however, are much closer to the source of life than we are. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs and convictions, it would be hard to find a parent who didn't know deep in their heart that their child existed, somewhere and somehow, before he/she was even born. If this somewhere somehow is the source of all of us, then children are the closest physical representations of the nature of this source. When kids come into the world bright eyed and bushy-tailed declaring everything is possible it's because they know a fundamental truth that has become a foggy memory in most adults' minds.  

'Nothing could possible ever be 'impossible' because 'I'm Possible'.'

The logic is hard to deny. Ask a five year-old why they exist... the secret to life... and they'll tell you 'just cause I do' or 'to be me'. Children are extremely aware of the miracle that had to happen for them to exist.  The entire universe had to conspire for the circumstances to be exactly right for their conception. Then, the gestation process had to hit every note perfectly for their bodies too be formed and their brains prepped for accepting the information they would soon be learning. But on top of that, something in the ether of the universe had to come together in synchronicity... be it the stars or god or science or whatever you choose to believe, to infuse the child with their own unique spirit, drive, personality and life-force.

How could anything a human ever conceive of with their minds, be impossible if something so unbelievably grand such as life could be possible?

I'm Possible, therefore everything is.

How freeing is this statement for you?  Is it possible to quit your job and become a surfer even if you're afraid of sharks? Yes. Is it possible to cure incurable Cancer? Yes. Is it possible that there is life after death? Yes. Is it possible to resolve the world's conflicts and end terrorism? Yes. Is it possible that you could be doing more with your time on this planet to be happier? Yes. Is it possible to start today? Yes.

The next time you're about to use the word impossible, pause and remind yourself:
I'm Possible


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Friday, 8 April 2016

Year-Long Hiatus

Hello friends

It's been over a year since my last post... and what a year it's been!

I have had some major successes and losses on a personal level as well as a boat-load of growth and expansion.  I'm not going to go into details on the missing year, but will give you a bit of my impression on what's coming up next for me & this blog.

For me personally:

-I have been painting and exhibiting my works recently as well as having some success selling them. This is a huge source of satisfaction for me although I have decided that pursuing an active career as a commerical painter cannot and should not be a priority for me right now.

-I have two fiction novels in the works. I'm hoping to finish them both by the end of 2016.

-I would like to start working as a life-coach. I have been coaching casually for about 5 years now, and am figuring out how to take it to the next level.

For the blog:

-Although this used to be a 'lifestyle blog' I can envision it becoming more metaphysical and philosophical in nature. I am looking to you, my readers, to propose questions to me which I can then ponder and answer to you in the form of articles. These questions will help me to exercise my life-coaching legs... so fire away!

-The lifestyle elements of this blog will still remain, but I can see posts of a very personal nature being less and less frequent. 

I intend to leave the old posts online, until they no longer resonate with me, so that you readers can see for yourself the difference between then and now.

I'm very excited for these changes and for your participation in this project.

Love & Light,

Cari amici,

E 'passato più di un anno dal mio ultimo post ... un anno stupendo.

Ho avuto alcuni grandi successi e fallimenti su un livello personale. Questi mi hanno regalato un sacco di crescita ed espansione. Non ho intenzione di entrare nei dettagli, ma vi darò un un idea su ciò che sta arrivando prossimamente per me e questo blog.

Per me personalmente:

-Dipingo e espongo le mie opere d'arte. Questa è una grande fonte di soddisfazione per me anche se ho deciso che il perseguimento di una carriera attivo come pittore di commercio non può e non deve essere una priorità per me in questo momento.

-Ho due romanzi in lavorazione. Spero di finire entrambi entro la fine del 2016.

-Vorrei iniziare a lavorare come un Life-Coach. Sono faccendo questo mestiere casualmente per circa 5 anni, e sto provando a capire come prendere il passo successivo.

Per il blog:

-Anche se questo nasce come  'lifestyle blog' adesso parlerà molto di più sulla filosofia della vita ed anche la metafisica.  Sarebbe carino se anche voi lettatori mi propongono delle domande sulla vita che posso poi rispondere in forma di articolo.  Queste domande mi aiuteranno a migliorare.

-Gli elementi di stile di vita di questo blog rimangono, ma i post di natura molto personale saranno molto meno frequente.

Ho intenzione di lasciare i vecchi post on-line, fino a che non risuonano più con me, in modo che i lettori possono vedere di persona la differenza tra allora e adesso.

Sono molto contenta e pronta per questi cambiamenti e per la vostra partecipazione a questo progetto.

Love & Luce,

Windows - JPHerman


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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

An idea of the house in its current state. Somehow we're going to try to make this into our dream home.

Below is a render of my plan from roughly the same angle.

Questo immagine vi fa capire il stato della casa oggi. In qualche modo vogliamo farlo diventare la casa dei nostri sogni.

Sotto ho messo un rendering della mia idea.


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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Excuse me, excuses

My last post was at the end of June when we got back from Canada. I'm not going to go into details as to why I stopped posting, cause I'm not exactly sure why myself.  It might have had something to do with all the Quantum Physics I was thinking about, or the summer (which now, having not documented, I don't remember at all) or the slew of interesting (mis)fortunes that played havock on my house in the fall. Then the winter came and well, now that they're a ray of sun and some buds on the plants outside... I'm back.

My intention is to write less and leave you with more photos. Mostly about the transformations to the new house... which we're getting the keys to in a few weeks.

Il mio ultimo post risale alla fine di giugno, quando siamo tornati dal Canada . Non ho intenzione di entrare nei dettagli per spiegarvi perché ho ​​smesso di scrivere, perché io non sono esattamente sicura. Potrebbe aver avuto qualcosa a che fare con tutta la fisica quantistica, o l'estate  o la sfilza di interessante (s)fortune che sono sucessi nella mia casa in autunno. Poi venne l'inverno e bene, ora che c'è un raggio di sole ... sono tornata.

La mia intenzione è di scrivere di meno e ti lasciano con più foto . Per lo più sulle trasformazioni alla nuova casa ...avremmo le chiavi tra un paio di settimane .


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Monday, 30 June 2014

Summing Up 2014: June 30


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